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Santabarbara 115 040

Santa Barbara

Hi my loves What are you up to curing these hot summerdays ? Today one of my best friends and I had a beautiful picnic outside 😀 We had some Icrecream and Smoothies and just enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. That’s exactly how summer evenings should be: chilly with some yummy food, lots of laughter, and deep conversations. I wanted to share some pictures with …

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Malibu 114 005


A little bit cloudy, but still very beautiful, Malibu Cotton Candy Frappuccino and of course the pink cake pop 😀 my all time fave Vintage Grocers was located just next to the Starbucks in Malibu. The products were a little bit pricy but you could find so many different organic things from dried goldenberrys to mulberries, freeze dried edamames, maca …

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Observatory 112 008

Griffith Observatory

Hi my Loves I hope youre doin all good 😀 Summerbreak is almost here and I’m so excited 🙂 Especially because I’m going to Indonesia to work on my matriculation project in cooperation with an indonesian highschool. And also I’m really looking forward to chilly sunny warm summerdays and nights. Here are a few pictures from the Griffith Observatory in LA. …

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Skate 116 003


Hi my loves how are you ? You know I realized that there are so many posts about the US-trip that I haven’t edited and published yet. My goal is actually to finish the USA-series before summerbreak, so lets get started. Venice has just got the perfect boulevard for a fun skating session. There are lots of Skateboard rentals and stores …

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Venice 110 019

Biking to Santa Monica

After we went back from grocery shopping that day, we went on a little biking tour from Venice to Santa Monica. This was seriously the best idea ever. For a walk it was simply to far, because we wanted to be back before it was getting dark. But the route is just perfect for biking. You can cruise around, feel the …

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Laguna 109 016

Laguna Beach

After breakfast we set off to Laguna Beach. I was so excited because as I could remember from our last trip it’s really beautiful there. We were so lucky that we didn’t get into rush-hour, and so we arrived quite early. First we went to a viewing platform at the coast, which was located in the middle of a residential area. …

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Beverly 107 022

When in Beverly Hills

A little photodiary from Beverly Hills… Hope you enjoy the pictures, have a nice day y’ all 🙂 Welcome to Beverly Hills 😀 The huge and famous tree next to the Beverly Hills sign Beverly Hills Fire Dept. The Beverly Hills hotel hidden by palm trees 😀 So many beautiful houses around there…

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LAsight 106 099

Venice again

Wuhu endlich Freitag 😀 Ich bin gerade von der Schule nach Hause gekommen und habe mit meiner Familie Abendgegessen -> mexikanisch <-  (ich liebe mexikanisches essen ) mit ziemlich allen Zutaten die es bei Chipotle auch gibt 😀 Später geht’s noch ins Schwimmbad, aber bis dahin blogge ich noch ein bisschen. Ich hoffe euch gefällt der Post. Habt ein schönes Wochenende, erholt …

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LAsight 106 113

Best Macaron Sandwich

  Before we went to Los Angeles, I randomly found an instagram account called “DiscoverLA” and also sites like “DineLA”  They post pictures about what to do in LA and they just give tips and recommendations about restaurants, places to go and other things. I immediately noticed a picture of the macaron sandwiches from the Milk shop on their acc. …

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LAsight 106 072

Hollywood Hills

      Das Hollywoodzeichen zu fotografieren ist einfach ein Muss wenn man in LA ist. Es gibt verschiedene Strassen und Orte wo man das Zeichen besichtigen kann. Wir haben uns zuerst beinahe verfahren, weil die erste Adresse ein totaler Reinfall war. Doch die zweite Adresse -> 6084 Mul Holland Highway ist sehr empfehlenswert. Es gibt dort viele Parkplätze und …

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