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Castles, Picasso Museums and Rooftopbars

15.02.17 – One of my favourite days in Malaga – In the morning we had a lovely stroll around the harbour and the beach and then we walked up to the Castle of Gibralfaro. The view from there is magnificent. little lunchbreak In the afternoon we went to the Picasso Museum and we had such a great time there. I loved the gallery and especially the …

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Malaga Beach

I still can’t believe how beautiful Malaga is. The green parks, the palmtrees, the mediterrian sea, the beach, the harbour, just everything. I was truly amazed and in my opinion the harbour and beach promenade are just as beautiful as the ones in Miami. The harbour definitely gets a bonus because that’s the only place where they sell my beloved froyo 😀 I hope …

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Marbella 24 20


One day we went to Marbella and strolled around the city. The streets with the white houses are so lovely and the flowers around the doors add a nice pop of colour. It was a little bit cloudy and windy that day, but luckily it didn’t rain. I’d love to come to Marbella again in summer and stroll around the oldtown or the beach promenade with sunnies and a flowy dress. Hopefully …

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Marina Caves at Rincon de la Victoria

On our last day we visited the only marina cave in europe which is located at Rincon de la Victoria. I was so exctited about it 😀 We were allowed to explore the cave ourselves. Its about 100m deep and it was very warm inside. Mostly you see places like these in movies and to me it looks kinda artificial, but its …

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Milano 25 33


A lovely day in Milano – On a sunny day in Febuary my Mom and I went to Milan and we had the best time there enjoying ice cream, pizza and doing some shopping. In the afternoon we went to the Aperol bar next to the Duomo and enjoyed some yummy cocktails there. 😀 Gelato Love Afternoon Chills at the Terrazza …

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Gibraltar 23 46

Castillo Colomares

On our way back from Gibraltar to Malaga, we passed by this beautiful castle called Castillo Colomares. I was so amazed by its beauty. It is gothic and baroque inspired and it has got so many pretty details. I totally fell in love with it, and the best part is the view over the landscape down to the mediterrian sea. …

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Malaga Photodiary

Hi my loves, I hope you’re doing fine 😀 I just came back from my trip to Malaga. Spain never disappoints me, it’s one of my favourite places ever. What I love most about european cities are the historical centers with the charming alleys and the old bulidings. Malaga is a big city but not as huge as Barcelona or Madrid, so once you’re in the center you can …

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Gibraltar 23 21 1


Hi everyone How are you doing? I wanted to show you guys a few pictures from Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a british overseas territorry next to spain. I didn’t expect Gibraltar to be that british tho 😀 You actually pay with £ pounds and there are the typical red telephone cabinets which is the most cliché-tourist-picture-ever people take in London. Also the …

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Mallorca Diary

Hi my loves How y’all doin? I just came back from Mallorca, Spain, we had a farewelltrip with everyone who graduated. It was so much fun. We did exactly the things that were on my bucketlist 😀 From Jetskiing, to eating paella with seafood, relaxing at the beach, sippin’ smoothies, wearing light dresses, taking good pictures, eating my favourite frozen yogurt, biking …

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Ibiza Forever

Ibiza- Omg ich hätte nie gedacht das diese Partyinsel noch andere Sachen zu bieten hat. Natürlich gab es viele Partys mit prominenten wie David Guetta, Paris Hilton & Co. Aber es gibt auch noch viele andere Attraktionen. Dort gibt’s den schönsten Strand, den ich jemals gesehen habe–Glasklares Wasser, weisser Sand, einfach perfekt *-* Wir sind mit der Fähre von Valencia nach Ibiza gekommen. Enjoy the post xoxo …

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