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Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy – author unknown Stop comparing yourself to others. I feel this is a quite tricky thing to do because often there are these”goals” which are aknowledged by so many people and you feel a tiny bit pressured because you haven’t achieved them until now. Or you compare yourself with other people, sometimes it happens auomatically. But this is exactly …

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Life’s a Beaut

Be grateful Sometimes I catch myself when I’m just complaining about really small things. If you think properly about it it’s a joke actually. Sometimes something small can bother us so much even though we actually have the choice to not let it affect us. Instead of only seeing the bad things, you should be grateful for all the good things. I …

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Sunday Thoughts

 Stop thinking what others might think about you A funny thing that I discussed a while ago with a friend of mine. Why do we often worry about what other’s think while everybody thinks the same. People think about themselves and how they present themselves and are insecure. They actaully don’t even give you that much attention so in conclusion they’re pretty selfish and don’t care. And even if they judge …

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Thoughts and Inspirations

Concentrate on the big positive things in your life, not on the Little negative ones. Ask yourself if the Little things that bother you are really worth an Inch of Attention. Use all your energy to Focus on the good and bright side of life, and ignore the part that brings you down. And the same Thing with People. Try to accept their …

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Hello my loves <3 I just wanted to share this beautiful Poem with you because I’ve never read such an inspiring one. It reminds me to be grateful and to enjoy every single Moment. Especially “I won’t try to be so perfect“, “I’ll be more relaxed” and “I’ll take fewer things seriously”  are my favourite lines, because it’s really true we often …

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