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Mayasari 0941

Mayasari – best pastries in Bandung

Today I wanted to show you my ultimate favourite pastries from Bandung, Indonesia. The bakery chain is called “Mayasari” and they have the best bolen in the world. For the classic bolen (traditional indoesian pastry) you wrap a banana slice in cake dough, put on some egg yolk and bake them until they are lightly brown, but nowadays there are lots of different variations, you can use …

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From Bandung with Love

Hi my loves how are you doing? I hope you enjoyed the Bandung series so far. For me, Bandung is just a place to be – actually you can just say my second home. I love the City, the perfect warm temperatures, the culinary variety, the adventurous activities, the cute cafes and and of course the fact that my family and friends …

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Cutest Cafes in Bandung #2

180 Cafe This cafe was so hyped on Instagram. The special thing about it is that you can actually bath your feet in the water while having lunch. It’s like a little pool with tables and chairs in it. The food (I had nasi goreng) was very good and the green forest Juice as well. So this Café is definitely …

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Cafes 02 71

Cutest Cafes in Bandung #1

So this year I  wanted to check out all the new hyped Cafés in Bandung. I went to a bunch of Cafés with friends and family and in this blogpost I’m showing you my favourite ones 😀 I hope you enjoy it xoxo – Lea Please Please Please Cafe This Café has just the cutest entrance Setting. Lots of pink …

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Bandung Photodiary

Bandung – I would say these were the best Holidays ever. It was the first time for me being in Bandung for almost a month. So we had much more time than in the past few years and I enjoyed it to the fullest. We did so many things that I sometimes have to scroll through the Pictures to remember …

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Food places in Bandung

Bornga – Korean Restaurant I’ve never tried korean Food before, so I was pretty excited when we had dinner at the new Bornga Restaurant. I was amazed how tasty everything was. Literally there was nothing I did not like 😀 Especially the spicy salad was so good. The Valley – Restaurant The Valley Restaurant is located at Dago atas, and …

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Suede Skirt

Little Throwback – to the warm and sunny days in Bandung, Indonesia. This Outfit contains one of my favourite colour and material combinations: brown suede and white linen 😀

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Dusunbambu 178 009

Bamboo Village

Hi my loves How are you ? I wanted to share a really beautiful spot with you in Bandung. Well, it’s located a little bit outside, maybe 1 hour away from the citycenter. It’s called the bamboo village or in indonesian “Dusun Bambu” It’s a family leisure park with lots of green and a very nice pasar-like food place. I …

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Bandung Photodiary

Hi everyone, Oh have I told you that I’m already back in Switzerland since one week? I pretty much recovered from the Jetlag and I’m just enjoying the last week of summerbreak here. It’s actually really good to get into routine again, with going to work, going to the gym, and writing my matriculation project. But still, words can’t describe how much I …

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On Friday I met my friends from Santa Maria again at which is like the Asian Dunkin Donut & Starbucks. It was just so much fun chilling with them at laughing and chatting while snacking some donuts. I think we all really enjoyed the evening and we took so many pictures (selfies) together, just like typical asians. 😀 They look …

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