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Summer Snaps

Graduation <3 Milkshakes City Strolls <3 Sunflowerfields White Summer Dresses are the best 😀 Best Froyo is still IllaoIllao When in Montreux… Lana Del Rey slayed, I just love that she’s so different. She spreads dreamy and vintage vibes and i love her Songs. “Ride” and “High by the beach” were the best Performances during this Show. Rosesgarden Konstanz, Germany …

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Life in Pictures

Recently I made Pancakes in indonesian style, the original pancake perfection is called “Martabak”, but I just made normal pancakes and made the filling like in the original version. So basically you just layer some crunchy peanutbutter with chocolate sprinkles and cover it all with condensed milk. I just love this combination, I recommend trying this variation the next time you make …

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Weekend Snaps

On a sunny day my friend Bigna and I decided to go to the Uetliberg Tower. The view over Zurich from there is magnificent. Cheers <3 weekend date with the family at the Waid CafĂ© in Zurich – the dessert was on point Zigerkrapfen with fruits and honey icecream Icecream with brownies and cream 😀 Starbucksdate in Zurich – Matcha Green Tea  …

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Food Inspiration

1. Salmon with Sushi Rice 2. selfmade healthy Pizza 3. Potato-PurĂ©e with veggies and redwine sauce 4. Meal Prep for the family – linguini pasta with broccoli fresh tomato sauce and shrimps <3 Fried Sushi – Sometimes I just fry the sushi for 1-3 minutes in a pan and then you’ll have warm sushi, and especially the fish tastes so much better …

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Favourite Quotes

Thoughts and quotes I really love at the moment which I got from Instagram and other social media: “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right” “Take a deep breath and let go, overthinking destroys your happiness”     “The less you care the less you’ll worry, and the happier you’ll …

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Random Snaps

Few snaps from the last couple days… Sunny Sunday in Zurich CĂ©lfie <3 Little Sissy – with matching sunnies A friend of my Mom is such an expert for indonesian cakes <3 and this Kue Lapis made by her  (steamed layered cake made of coconutmilk, sugar and flour) tasted beyond amazing. Little Shoppinghaul from Germany <3 Sweet cookiebags, Cranberry-Coconut-Crackers as a healthy …

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Weekend in a nutshell

Hi loves 😀 Last weekend was just on point. This weekend two of my best friends had their Birthdays and my Mom and my Sissy as well. So the weekend was filled with lots of cake, good food and celebrations 😀 On fridayevening we went to Zurich to enjoy a Birthdaydinner with the girls-squad. On saturday I baked a pumpkin pie for my …

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Fall Feelings

Hi my loves I hope you’re having a great time so far. I have to say that this year autumn has been so beautiful and sunny which lifted my mood all the time. The sunrays make the trees and leaves look beautifully golden. I was also excited for the foggy morings when you leave the house all snuggled up in …

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Halloween and other Stories

Hi my loves Have you enjoyed your weekend so far? Last weekend I attended to a Halloween/Birthdayparty of two friends. It was so much fun and the best part was that almost every guest was dressed up in a costume. First I was so confused what to do, my first idea was to dress up as Audrey Hepburn, but in …

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Perfect Weekend x Katy Perry Concert

Some snaps of this wonderful Weekend. Catching Up with a good friend in Zurich during Lunch, later on we continued to indulge some Cupcakes and we had a really great time strolling around the City. My Plans for Sunday: Studying all Day, in the Evening Dinner with the Fam and the Highlight of the Week: Katy Perry Concert <3 Taking a pink Bubble …

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