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Dark Chocolate Cookies & Peanutbutterdrops

A few weeks ago I made cookies for my best friends’s birthday celebration. She loves peanutbutter and Reese’s Peanutbuttercups so I decided to spice the normal “dark chocolate cookie” up with some peanutbutter drops and Reeses instead of only dark chocolate. The cookies turned out pretty good according to the guests at her party which I was so happy about. I only …

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Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Hi my loves <3 Last weekend I made a pumkin pie for the first time. I’ve never done a “sweet recipe” with pumpkins, because we usually cook pumpkin soups. For this pie I tried a recipe from Betty Bossi. It was really simple; make a short pastry dough for the crust, steam the pumkin and make a purree out of it, let the pumpkin …

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Guys 😀 How y’all doing ? The baking season has begun again, I mean is there something better than fresh cookies when it’s cold and rainy outside? This recipe was inspired by Tanya Burr’s famous cookies but i changed it a little bit. I think 100g sugar is enough because the oreos itself are already sweet. And the cookies …

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Hey my loves Today I wanted to share a cake reciepe with you. It’s a supersoft poppyseedcake. I really love it because it’s not too sweet and in my opinion it also looks very cute with the tiny black seeds. I hope you enjoy the reciepe and let me know what you think about the cake if you try to bake it …

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Baking Cupcakes

Hallo Ihr Lieben, Ich hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr geniesst das Frühlingswetter. Mein neuer Vorsatz für dieses Jahr war es ja, mehr in der Küche zu experimentieren. Ich wollte einfach mal neue Rezepte ausprobieren, um die neuen Kreationen und Erfahrungen mit euch teilen. Im Februar habe ich das erste Mal mit Rollfondant gearbeitet. Normalerweise dekoriere ich Cupcakes einfach …

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Baileys Cake

Heute zeige ich euch das Rezept für einen Baileys Cake. Ich habe ihn für den Geburtstag meines Vaters gebacken. Obwohl der irische Cremeliqör einen Alkoholgehalt von 17 Vol.-% hat muss man keine Angst haben das man nach einem Kuchenstück angetrunken ist. Der Alkohol verdampft und verschwindet während dem backen 😉 Today I show you the recipe for a Baileys cake. I baked it …

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