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Malaga Photodiary

Hi my loves, I hope you’re doing fine 😀 I just came back from my trip to Malaga. Spain never disappoints me, it’s one of my favourite places ever. What I love most about european cities are the historical centers with the charming alleys and the old bulidings. Malaga is a big city but not as huge as Barcelona or Madrid, so once you’re in the center you can …

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Gibraltar 23 21 1


Hi everyone How are you doing? I wanted to show you guys a few pictures from Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a british overseas territorry next to spain. I didn’t expect Gibraltar to be that british tho 😀 You actually pay with £ pounds and there are the typical red telephone cabinets which is the most cliché-tourist-picture-ever people take in London. Also the …

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Sintra 18 70

The most beautiful Palace in the world

One day during our stay in Portugal, we went to Sintra, a little town about 25km away from Lisbon. Sintra itself is a lovely spot with beautiful old bulidings and of course lots of cafés where you can try the famous Travasseiros pastry. But the real highlight is the Pena Palace. When I first saw it I just couldn’t believe how beautiful it actually looked …

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Amsti 21 68

From Amsterdam, with love

A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam with one of my best friends. Even though the weather in Amsterdam was kinda confusing (from graupel, to snow, rain and sunshine within an hour) we still had an amazing time there. Especially the different canals and the cute leaning houses were my favourite things in Amsterdam. I would say that Prinsengracht …

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Madrid 20 39


Gran Via – one of the most beautiful shopping streets I’ve ever seen, beautiful buildings and lots of cool shops and food places 😀 Dinner 😀 The biggest and most beautiful Primark I’ve ever seen 😀 Day 2 in Madrid – on the second day we enjoyed a relaxed stroll around the City, we had some ice cream and visited …

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Sesimbra 19 43


Breakfast at the cute Tim Tim Café, this is a very popular Café among the locals, they have fresh orange juice and they offer one of the best pasteis de nata I’ve had in Portugal. The entire Café is decorated with Tim-Tim Pictures and even their packaging has a tim-tim drawing on it 😀 Pasteis de Nata and Orange Juice …

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Portugal 17 54

Lisbon, Portugal

So here is the last  blogost about Lisbon. I hope you enjoy the photodiary. I bought the yummiest pastry ever at “A padaira portugesa” fluffy white bread with coconut-egg-vanilla cream on top. Ist so goood 😀 So this Restaurant Solar 31 is a true treasure, if you love seafood you should definitely visit this place. I’ve never tried octopus before, but this …

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Berge 15 73


I simply love Lucerne, strolling around the lake, the beautiful oldtown, while enjoying some icecream and of course buying Bachmann pastries, they are just the best, especially the “Chatzestreckerli” (biscuit with caramel) and the Honigbrot (small sweet bicuit that is similar to gingerbread) taste so good. I hope you enjoy the Pictures xx –  Lea Magenbrot is bae

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Best Friend Christmasmarkets are just the best – The one in Zurich is one of the prettiest I’ve ever been to Best Salmon ever at the christmasmarket 😀 Baking Squad 😀 Casual Tuesday Nights Happy Birthday Love <3 25th of December – beautiful afternoon walk in the swiss alps surrounded by ice 😀

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Berge 15 166

Pilatus & Rochers de Naye

Mount Pilatus – to get up there you can either walk or you take the steepest cogwheel train in the world. We decided to take the cogwheeltrain cuz, it was a unique chance to try this tain 😀 The view from up there is magnificent. On the way down 😀 Calm Morning in Montreux Rochers de Naye – What a …

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