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Hello New Orleans–French Quarter & Bourbon Street

Next Stop New Orleans, die weltbekannte Stadt ( auch genannt: “Wiege des Jazz”) ist einfach atemberaubend toll ! Wirkllich, ich habe in diesen zwei Tagen die wir dort verbracht haben so viele Interessante Denkmäler, Parks und Attraktionen gesehen. French Quarter; die historische Altstadt, Bourbon street, den Missisippi Fluss, Café du Monde und und und….. New Orleans befindet sich mitten in einem Sumpfgebiet am Missisippi, aber durch angeschwemmte Sedimente entstand schliesslich das Zentrum der Südstaaten: New Orleans die Hauptstadt von Louisiana. Früher hatten die Französischen Kolonisten hier Sklavenhandel betrieben. Die Bevölkerung ist bis heute sehr multikulturell.

Next Stop New Orleans, the famous city (also called “birthplace of jazz”) is simply stunning! During these two days we spent there we saw so many interesting monuments, parks and attractions; French Quarter; the historic city center, Bourbon street, the Mississippi River, Café du Monde and and and ….. New Orleans is located in a swampy area at the Mississippi, but it became the center of the southern states. New Orleans is the capital of Louisiana.  The population is very multicultural.

NewOrleans_27_016The typical Houses in the historic French Quarter. The style is from the French and Spanish Colonists.

NewOrleans_27_012The man on the right with the White shoes, was playing beautiful Jazz Music 😀 And right there at this place were lots of fortune-teller who were predicting the future with their Tarot Cards.

NewOrleans_27_015French Quarter style <3 I love the colours 🙂

NewOrleans_27_018The Shops in the French Quarter are all very uniqe and they sell lots of Vintage stuff. Lots of artists have their Galleries over there so you can stroll around and look at their beautiful art works. (photo below)

NewOrleans_27_020I love these colourful paintings.


Infront of the St. Louis Cathedral; What a beautiful and peaceful place.


And now the one and only legendary Bourbon Street, the perfect place to Party all night long. Well you could compare it to the “Langstrasse” in Zurich Switzerland. I have to admit I didn’t feel comfortable there. We visited the Street in the Afternoon and there were already so many drunk and strange People screaming around… Yeah but I think in the night it will probably be more crowded, cuz I mean it’s the Bourbon Street. In conclusion it was definitely worth a visit.



NewOrleans_27_048I had to take Picture of this guy 😀 (Bourbon Street) His costume is just amazing 😀

NewOrleans_27_051Jazz Music Star Louis Armstrong’s Trompete at the Hard Rock Café

NewOrleans_27_049The Police of New Orleans with their horses.

NewOrleans_27_009Last but not least: Missisippi River.