Mayasari 0941

Mayasari – best pastries in Bandung

Today I wanted to show you my ultimate favourite pastries from Bandung, Indonesia. The bakery chain is called “Mayasari” and they have the best bolen in the world. For the classic bolen (traditional indoesian pastry) you wrap a banana slice in cake dough, put on some egg yolk and bake them until they are lightly brown, but nowadays there are lots of different variations, you can use a sweet nut filling, or the smelly creamy durian, pineapples or other fruits as a filling. In indonesia it’s common to bring a little Souvenir called “oleh oleh” when you go back to your family and friends after you visited a city, so many people who live in Jakarta or elsewhere bring Mayasari’s bolen as an “oleh oleh” because they taste so delicious. My personal favourite is the durian bolen and I couldn’t resist to bring a few packages to Switzerland 😀 But not only the bolen also their steamed brownies, cheese sticks and chocolate rolls are very tasty. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like the pastries from mayasari. My Family and I even got the chance to visit their huge factory to have a look into the production. They only use the finest ingredients and thats why the pastries are so flavorful. So if you ever get the chance to go to Bandung – don’t miss the Mayasari pastries 😀

mayasari_0921The classic banana bolen with chocolate inside 😀

mayasari_0923How cute is the packaging?

mayasari_0922My personal favourite – The durian bolen


mayasari_0925high tea time

mayasari_0935the biggest store next to the trainstation in Bandung




mayasari_0934Banana roll 😀


mayasari_0932this “brownies kukus” is a  steamed brownie –  so soft and so delicious



mayasari_0927at the factory – making of banana bolen



mayasari_0929Here you can see the different bolen varieties “banana chocolate – peuyeum – durian – pineapple – nuts


cafes_02_99Dream Job –  trying food all day long and describing it 😀