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Houston Texas

In den Frühlingsferien haben wir einen Roadtrip von Miami FL bis nach Houston Texas gemacht.  Ich werde mehrere Posts machen weil es soo viele Fotos gibt die ich teilen möchte 😀 Houston ist eine wunderschöne saubere Grossstadt. Die Strassen und Autos sind einfach noch viel grösser als sonst wo; fast jedes dritte Auto war ein riesiger Pick-Up. Wir haben die Mall “Galleria” besucht die etwa 370 Läden hat, sie war so gross dass wir uns verliefen und den Cheesecakefactory nicht mehr fanden :’D Downtown Houston sind wir auf die Aussichtplattform eines Wolkenkratzers (60ste Etage) und haben die Aussicht genossen und haben dort in der Nähe bei “Chipotle Mexican Grill” Mittaggegessen. Ach ja man merkte schon das man in Texas war, denn auch in der Grossstadt trugen einige Männer Cowboyhüte und viele Frauen Cowboystiefel, aber natürlich modern kombiniert.

During springbreak, we made a road trip from Miami FL to Houston Texas which was an amaazing experience. I just love America. I will make more than one post because there are soo many photos I want to share: D-Houston is a beautiful and clean city. The roads and cars are simply much bigger than anywhere else; almost every third car was a huge Pick-up 😀  We went to the mall “Galleria” with about 370 shops, the mall was so huge  that we got lost and we couldn’t find the Cheesecakefactory : ‘D Downtown Houston we were on the observation deck of a skyscraper (60th floor) and enjoyed the view. The People there wore some typical Accessorizes  for example some men wore Cowboy hats and women wore Cowboy boots, but they combined it in a chic and modern way. 

Houston_24_020Strolling around  Downtown 😀

Houston_24_012This is the JP Morgan Chase Tower with the Observation Deck on the 60th Floor. You don’t have to pay to go up there, which is pretty awesome.

Houston_24_009Loook at this beautiful view-  simply stunning

Houston_24_010Enjoying the view from above 😀


Beautiful Skyline



Streets and Buildings – Downtown Houston

Houston_24_019Houston_24_021After Walking around for so Long, we finally had some lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Oh I love mexican Food. It was really delicous but the portions are so huge, next time I have to share one with my little sister 😉

Houston_24_006But even tho Houston is a huge City there are lots of streets with oak trees, which in my opinion is really pretty. There is even an “Oak Boulevard” which you can see on the photo below.


The huge Galleria Shopping Mall <3 Our Hotel was the “Sheraton near the Galleria” because it’s only 5 minutes away from the Mall 😀

Houston_24_003We purchased some Sweets in the Galleria <3 There were so many different Variations of Cookies, Brownies and Muffins <3 soo yummyy


And I love the way they pack the Food in America *-* Those Brown paper bags are so typical <3 In Switzerland it is not very common exept at Starbucks and Macdonalds.




Houston is soo beautiful, I lovee it <3 Hope you enjoyed the post <3 have a nice day