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Recently I made Pancakes in indonesian style, the original pancake perfection is called “Martabak”, but I just made normal pancakes and made the filling like in the original version. So basically you just layer some crunchy peanutbutter with chocolate sprinkles and cover it all with condensed milk. I just love this combination, I recommend trying this variation the next time you make pancakes 😀



hey_229_003another indonesian dessert is called “candil” it may look a little bit creepy at first because of the brown liquid, but so many europeans love this dessert, and its vegan 😀 its cooked soft sweetpotato and tapioka flour proceeded to a dough and then formed to little balls which you boil and then you just put them into cooked palmsugar (brown liquid) add some coconutmilk and et voilà you have candil 😀

hey_229_0211. Brown liquid is the cooked palmsugar and the other pot contains the coconutmilk which was cooked with pandan leaves to add some extra taste 😀 2. Candil in production with my gorgeous friend Tabitha 😀

hey_229_001Made these little oreo cupcakes with my little sissy, I used creamcheese and powdered sugar for the topping, normally I always use buttercreamfrosting, but I feel like the creamcheesefrosting works better, it tastes creamier and adds a “cheesecakefeeling” to the cupcake 😀

hey_229_014Granola Love – My bestfriend made this granola herself, it contains oats, coconut, pumpkinseeds, cinnamon and it tastes so delish 😀 My favourite snack at the moment, I will definitely try to make Granola myself next time 😀

hey_229_015Healthy Lunch Inspo – Safran Noodles with Asparagus, Salmon, Cheese, leek, chilli and other spices 😀

DSC04090I love streetfood and at the Albanifest there’s the “Flammlachs” hut, where freshly smoked salmon is sold, the little sandwiches taste soo good 😀


hey_229_012Picknick Essentials – Coconutwater, Sweetpotatoes, Frozen Bananas, Coconut chips

hey_229_0181. Goji Berries covered in chocolate, tastes so good <3 2. My beautiful bestie 😀

hey_229_013Quinoa Salad 😀

hey_229_019A few weeks ago my little sister and I went to the Europapark, and amusementpark in Germany. We stayed there for two days and it was so much fun. We went on so many rollercoasters my head almost felt a little dizzy 😀 haha, no but we had such a great time and dozens of adrenalinerushes 😀



hey_229_011Rollercoaster Selfie <3