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Hi my loves

I hope you’re all doing well <3 I’m back from springbreak. Lisbon and Madrid were just too beautiful. I will definitely come back to these amazing cities someday. I’m currently working on the Lisbon blogposts, which I will publish next week 😀 and I hope that I can manage to edit the videos I did there from all the amazing food and the entire trip. So wish me luck with the new sony vegas program 😀 The last 3 weeks of highschool have begun and I just can’t believe that my official school career is almost over. I’ll just try to make the most out of it and to not stress too much about the finals. And of course enjoying the time left with my friends at school and at the weekends because some of my best friends are going abroad during the gap year. Maybe you remember the blogpost from last august where I told you about my confusion about doing a gap year or heading straight to university. I finally decided to continue my studies and the first semester begins in September, which I’m really excited about. So yeah, that’s the short update for now, stay tuned for the travel diaries and don’t forget to shine my loves xoxo – Lea





just a few pictures taken in the city center of Lisbon <3 I loved getting lost and wandering in these narrow alleys