Randomagain 220 051

Food Inspiration

randomagain_220_0431. Salmon with Sushi Rice 2. selfmade healthy Pizza 3. Potato-Purée with veggies and redwine sauce 4. Meal Prep for the family – linguini pasta with broccoli fresh tomato sauce and shrimps <3

randomagain_220_069Fried Sushi – Sometimes I just fry the sushi for 1-3 minutes in a pan and then you’ll have warm sushi, and especially the fish tastes so much better than raw in my opinion.

randomagain_220_049A muesli in the morning is the perfect way to start the day – my personal favourite contains: oats, yogurt, milk, some honey, and roasted nuts (I prefer roasted almonds and grated coconut) especially during summer and spring a “cold” muesli is so refreshing and energizing.


When your Mom brings you your favourite chocolate <3

randomagain_220_070Pure Perfection – Raspberry flavoured chocolate

randomagain_220_038Indonesian Desserts 1. Sweet Potato with banana in a palm sugar sauce 2. Profiterole with a delicious vanilla cream filling 3. “Ketan Hitam” Glutinous black rice porrige with coconut milk (vegan) and it tastes soo good 😀




randomagain_220_073My bestfriend baked these vegan chia cookies <3 they taste sooo good! the sweetness comes only from dates and its enriched with coca powder <3