Haul 216 013

USA Shopping Haul

I randomly found these pictures I had taken after unpacking my suitcases. Please don’t judge me for buying all this food, I just couldn’t resist. 😀 But a lot was also given by my uncle, because he knew that my little sissy and I are obsessed with poptarts, reeses and all that other american snacks and sweets 😀 So he just bought us variety pack with 48 poptarts in it ! 😀

haul_216_018So much food – Still wondering how we squeezed all this stuff in our suitcases.

haul_216_019Poptarts have been my obsession since 2011 I believe, ever since I’ve tried them at my cousin’s for breakfast 😀 The blueberrypoptart is my absolutely favourite.


haul_216_015Reeses – I know that they’re available in certain “English Stores” in Switzerland and I also bought a few from time to time in Zurich, but they’re so expensive here, so I just had to buy them in the US 😀

haul_216_016Peanutbutter Oatmeal Squares – taste like heaven

haul_216_014Protein bars <3

haul_216_006Handbag Essentials <3 Lets continue with some non foody things I bought there….


haul_216_003Gorgeous Leather Diary

haul_216_010A little native american inspired medicine bag bought in Durango…




haul_216_008Sandals like these are just my favourite shoes during summer, they’re comfy & light and they also look elegant.



haul_216_013Finally I bought myself these babys <3 I’ve wanted them for soo long and I’m very happy with my decision, the chestnut colour is just perfect.


haul_216_017Some cosmetics I bought there <3 The TRESemmé heat spray is just the best !