Random 214 005

Random Snaps

Few snaps from the last couple days…
random_214_002Sunny Sunday in Zurich

random_214_003Célfie <3

random_214_019Little Sissy – with matching sunnies

random_214_008A friend of my Mom is such an expert for indonesian cakes <3 and this Kue Lapis made by her  (steamed layered cake made of coconutmilk, sugar and flour) tasted beyond amazing.

random_214_007Little Shoppinghaul from Germany <3 Sweet cookiebags, Cranberry-Coconut-Crackers as a healthy snack, Cranberry candies, face masks, Nature Addicts N.A. which are my alltime favourite sweets they’re 100% made of fruits and taste soo good 😀

random_214_017Lindor is my biggest weakness – especially the special editions from the US with Peanutbutter and Peppermint

random_214_015Healthy Muesli in the morning with fresh strawberries – perfect way to start the day

random_214_010Shoppingday with my lovie

random_214_011Recieved the Prettiest Picknick Basket ever for my birthday from one of my best friends <3 So happy about this gift

random_214_012All you need for the perfect picknick in summer – only the food and the drinks are missing 😀 and I’ve wanted a professional “shaker” for soo long and I’m so happy that I got it <3 I’m so excited for the yummy cocktails and drinks.

random_214_016It’s just so amazing <3 and all the napkins and straws are lemon themed, I mean how cute is that <3

random_214_018I adore handmade gifts <3 And this frame made by one of my best friends is just too cute <3

random_214_009Recieving something from Victorias Secret is always a dream <3 my bestie knows me soo well 😀