Fall 191 001

Halloween and other Stories

Hi my loves

Have you enjoyed your weekend so far? Last weekend I attended to a Halloween/Birthdayparty of two friends. It was so much fun and the best part was that almost every guest was dressed up in a costume. First I was so confused what to do, my first idea was to dress up as Audrey Hepburn, but in the end I decided to wear a black angel costume. I was looking for black angel wings everywhere and I found the perfect ones at H&M. My friends just decorated the whole party location with so many cool pumpkins and other halloweeny things, which was just amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t take lots of pictures. After the celebration on friday I ended the weekend in a cozy way and just took my time to work on school related things, enjoy lots of fruit-tea, do some sports, and spend some time with my family. That was my last weekend in a nutshell, I hope you’re all having a great time – next post will be up tomorrow xx – Lea

Fall_191_036Happy Birthday Mel <3 Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the amazing Halloween-Decoration, but at least I got these black and white photos with the girls. 😀

Fall_191_001In the following pictures I wanted to show you a few “stories” during these past autumn months. I made a little Fall-Bucket-List with things I really wanted to do during this season. So here’s the first part of it as a little photodiary.

  • Spending a cozy movieevening with my best friend  –  Cozy Fridaynights with a good movie, cranberry-whitechocolate-cookies, fruit-tea, blueberries, dried coconut, fairylights, blankets, pillows and my bestie <3 What else do you need during these cold and crisp autumn evenings ?


  • Autumn-Walks – This autumn has been so sunny – so I didn’t want to miss relaxing walk in the forest. Always good to get some fresh air and to get excited about the colourful landscape.

Fall_191_016Lovely evening walk with my Mommy <3

Fall_191_017Being a little over-excited 😀




  • Drinking lots of tea during the Fall season – Yup a thing I definitely did all the time 😀 Before going to sleep, in the morning, and also on cozy cafédates with my friends 😀 Here a very organic tea version with fresh peppermint leaves.


  • Take a Fallish picture with my friend Van 😀 – done <3


  • Going on coffe-dates with friends – Also a thing that I can cross of my list 😀 I think this season I’ve been to so many cute coffeshops with my friends that I can’t decide which one is the loveliest 😀


  • Going on brunch dates with my favourites 😀 So my friends and I wanted to do a brunch date at least once a month, so we can surely see each other (each of us live in a different town) and as a result I wanted to share our food reviews with you on the blog. So here’s a little preview –> prawns-in-a-cocktailsause at the Brasserie Lipp in Zurich City.

Fall_191_004A little stroll through Zurich after brunching 😀

  • Going on a pumpkin patch – This has been a thing I wanted to do for soo long and I was beyond happy when we went to the Jukerfarm ( I told you about it already in the last blogpost) But it was such a lovely place and I’ve never seen so many pumpkins in my entire life – pure pumpkin paradise.






  • Trying a new pumkin thingie – I purchased roasted pumpkin seeds which were flavoured with chocolate and cinnamon. It was the best thing ever, the contrast of the chocolate/cinnamoon and the salty seeds were just perfect. It’s such a tasty treat.