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Little Black Dress

Hi my loves

I hope you’re all doin’ fine 😀 I just had a beautiful weekend spent with family and friends. School has started last monday and I can’t believe that summerbreak is already over. I feel like I still haven’t arrived back in reality yet, but otherwise everything is going well here. I mean it’s the last highschool year and of course we all try to enjoy it as much as possible 😀 It’s so crazy, only 9 months left before graduation, and I’m still so confused what to do afterwards; a gap year ? or directly continue with studying ? There’s still some time left to decide, so we’ll see 😀 That’s a little update for now, I hope I can continue my regular blogpost series even though school has already started. There’s still a lot to blog about Singapore 😀 Have lovely sunday y’all xoxo Lea


I really love little black dresses, they’re just timeless and you can wear them during the day with a cardigan or a simple jacket and also for a night out. I purchased this one in a cute little boutique in Montpellier, France.



I loved the location, the weather in Bandung was just perfect for dresses.

littleblackdress_179_012Smile as much as you can, life is beautiful 😀

Little Close Up of the Outfit Details