Aeroport 165 019

Hello Jakarta

Hello from Jakarta my Loves, I thought I’d share a few impressions from our first day here. I’m always feelin’ so happy when I’m back in Indonesia again, the people, the food, the weather everything feels so familiar, and I really missed it. So after our almost sleepless journe I slept almost 14 hours in a row, then did some excercise at the gym and at the pool. Later in the evening we went to the Grand Indonesia Mall and to have some dinner with some of mom’s friends and then we headed over to the Cloud rooftop bar with a magnificent cityview (more about that in my next post) I’m so glad everything went well druing our travel and that we got to do so many cool things already during the first day in JKT. Honestly I have to say that my sleeping pattern is out of control because of the different time zones. I actually never had any sleeping problems, but right now I’m just awake the whole night, because I can’t sleep. To kill some time I just do some blog things at 4 a.m in the morning, at least something productive 🙂 Hopefully I’m getting into a good sleep rythm again soon. But otherwise everything’s fine here, and I’m so excited for the coming destinations: Bandung and Singapore are coming next so stay tuned. Sleep tight my loves xx Lea
aeroport_165_013Gymsession before swimming 😉



aeroport_165_018We went to the Grand indonesia Mall to have some dinner that day with a few friends of my mom.


aeroport_165_026We had some traditionnal indonesian food (you can’t imagine how much I missed this) for dinner at the Warung Kopi in the Alung Alung Store at the Mall. It tasted just soo good, literally every dish I had.


aeroport_165_044Bubur Lemu with Palmsugar


aeroport_165_029Chatime 😀