Summer 162 030


I think there’s something magical during these golden hours, when the last sunrays enchant the whole landscape.


As you might know I’m only a little bit obsessed with floral patterns on clothes and shoes. So I’m wearing a light top with Daisy’s and a floral white lace skirt. Oh and I’m so in love with the flowercrown. I think flowercrowns add such a cute accent to girly outfits and it spices everything up.





summer_162_022My beautiful friend Vany  💗:) True friendship is one of the most precious things in the world. Having someone who truly understands you. Someone you never get tired talking to and with whom you can laugh until your belly hurts.


For dinner we made some sushi. For me it was quite challenging in the beginning, especially the rolling process with the Makisu. My favourite ones were the avocado-salmon-creamcheese combination 😀 I could eat tons of sushi, it’s just one of my all time favourite dishes. Have you ever tried doing sushi yourself ? And how do you like sushi in general ?