Friday 161 025

Bye Bye Dublin

Here are the last pics from Dublin… I think I’ve never posted as much about a trip like about Dublin, but that was because there were so many things to show you guys about food sightseeing and all that stuff. 😀 I hope you enjoyed the Ireland blogpost series and I wish you a wonderful weekend xx Lea
friday_161_036Rainy Day here

friday_161_038oh one of my to-do-list points was having a hot chocolate at Butler’s Chocolate Café and yes I bought one 30 minutes before take off 😀 It was a hot chocolate with cookie pieces inside, and it tasted so good.


friday_161_041White Chocolate Flake was so delicious



friday_161_050Can we just appreciate this delicious creamy chocolaty drink for one second.



1. Airplane Selfie 2. View from above 😀

friday_161_053A little Throwback with these cute pic collages

friday_161_054Ireland, you were awesome and it was such an amazing trip. I hope you enjoyed reading the blogpost series about Dublin my loves xx sleep well <3