Smoothie 159 006

Favourite Smoothies

During summer I always need something refreshing when I get back from school in the afternoon. Something light and yummy, but it still has to be healthy. The perfect solution are smoothies. I love to try different combinations in a freestyle way, like I just mix together everything that seems to match 😀  So today I wanted to show you my favourite ones with my favourite ingredients. Hope you enjoy the smoothie inspirations my loves  xx -lea

smoothie_159_001So I really often use frozen fruits because it keeps the smoothie cool and it actually replaces the icecubes.

smoothie_159_002This one is made of a cup of milk, frozen raspberrys and some water, if it’s not sweet enough, I always add some honey or agavesyrup.

smoothie_159_007This smoothie doesn’t contain any milk. Instead I added orange juice, cold water, a hand full of strawberrys and an apple. So this smoothie is quite energizing and refreshing because of its fruity-sour taste.


smoothie_159_010I think this one’s my favourite because it contains so many different fruits and it tastes so good.


A hand full of fresh blueberrys, and two white peaches…


Combined with a banana and some sour frozen berry’s. Mix it up with cold milk and some iced water.

smoothie_159_012Et voilà, ready to be enjoyed during a hot summerday.

smoothie_159_014This is the by far creamiest smoothie I’ve ever made. Mix an avocado, one or two bananas with cold milk and add just a little bit of water. You’ll get such a rich and creamy smoothie. The banana adds the lovely sweetness to the smoothie and the avocado gives a nuttily and lucious taste, which I really love. And as a little tip for you guys: You can put the banana and the avocado into the refrigerator 30min before you want to mix them, so it adds an extra coolness.