Tuesday 156 030

Tuesday in Dublin

A little photodiary from tuesday in Dublin…

tuesday_156_0261. Taxiselfie 😀 we were really running out of time, so we took the taxi to get to the interview appoitment. 2. Dublin Port Building

tuesday_156_0243. Goodiebag from the port, which I was so excited about. 😀  4. Using the tram in Dublin to get back to the city

tuesday_156_046Before we headed over to lunch, we stopped by the colourful Dublin Doors and took some pictures, which you’ve seen in the last post. My friends are so talented in editing pictures like the one above 😀  I’m so impatient when it comes to colouring the things very exactly.

tuesday_156_001We had Fish n Chips for lunch.

tuesday_156_027Oh but I need to warn you, after a whole portion of Fish  n Chips you won”t be able to eat anything else. I’m not kidding, we went there at about 12:00 and eight hours later we were still so full that we barely ate anything for dinner 😀 Sharing is caring and that would make perfectly sense at this fish and chips restaurant.

tuesday_156_005Having a walk back to our stayover to work on our presentations about the interview.

tuesday_156_047After fish and chips we weren’t able to eat anything else than salad hahah 😀

tuesday_156_0331. Selfie in the Toscana Restaurant where we went for dinner with the whole class. 2. Such a lovely restaurant


Sun goes down the stars come out… <3





As it was getting darker we decided to visit the green Oliver St. John Gogarty Bar. It was pretty similar like the Temple bar with live music and stuffed with nostalic commercials and vinatge newspapers on the walls. 😀



Of course we had to order our all time fave the Piña Colada again, but I have to say that nothing beats the Piña Colada at Buskers Bar and Café.

tuesday_156_041Like every famous Bar around the Temple Bar District this one was also very crowded, and the ambiance was great.

tuesday_156_015Our actual goal this evening was to visit the Samuel Beckett bridge by night. So we took the way along the river and enjoyed the beautiful light refelctions.

tuesday_156_016Here you can already see the bridge from the far.


tuesday_156_019The Samuel Beckett bridge by night.

tuesday_156_048Such a beautiful building 😀



tuesday_156_040Lighted narrow alleys