Tuesday 156 004

Dublin Doors

When I discovered a postcard with the inscription: Doors of Dublin, I was like: Oh I’ve never noticed they’ve got a special type of door over there. Well on the picture below you can see like normal redbrickhouses, but with colourful doors and this semicircle shaped window. The most beautiful and famous ones are located in Georgian Town south of the Liffey, but if you look around, you can find doors like these everywhere in Dublin. In my opinion they look so unique and beautiful and it’s such a great idea to make your own door a trademark. Maybe I’ll have a colourful door in my future home someday 😀  I hope you enjoy the pictures  and have a lovely day my loves xx – Lea


Redbrickhouses with colourful doors 😀

tuesday_156_034My favourite Colours violet and pink 😀

tuesday_156_002Postcard with the most beautiful doors 😀


With the girls <3


I really love the doors, it just adds a pop of colour to those grey bulidings.

tuesday_156_032We love Dublin and we also love our new bags 😀


black and turquise


tuesday_156_022Windy (h)air


Posing in front of the pink door 😀