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Dublin Nights x The Temple Bar

After our visit at the Trinity College we were free for the evening. So we did some shopping at the O’connelstreet where all the huge stores like Forever 21 and penney’s are located. Unfortunately it was raining so we first went to Busker’s café again to get some shelter and to get something to drink. Later we continued to the Norseman to have some delicious dinner. The Norseman was located just 30 meters away from the temple bar, so we thought it’d be another check of our to-do-list in Dublin. Basically we wandered from one bar/restaurant to another that evening because of the bad weather, but it was still lots of fun.

Monday_155_016Dinner at the Norseman, It’s a bar and a restaurant in one. But in lots of those pubs the restaurant is on the first floor and the bar itself is on the ground floor. So actually you can just go downstairs after dinner to the bar and listen to some live music.

Monday_155_015Dinner with the girls 😀

Monday_155_017The Temple Bar

Monday_155_0351. Selfie 2. We got photobombed by this guy 😀


This was one of my favourite evenings in Dublin. There was such a good vibe in the Temple Bar and just the whole atmosphere was so chilly, and cool. I loved the way the bar looked like from the outside and inside. It’s splitted in different rooms and it was decorated with lots of black and white pictures, vintage newspaperarticles, commercials and stuff like that, which looks so typical. It’s exactly how I imagined an irish pub. Even though it’s touristic and famous, in my opinion it was still very great place to hang out and round off the evening. Oh and the live music with real irish folk just spread such a good mood everywhere. The location the great music, the drinks, and the girls, just perfect. So yes the temple bar is a must visit and it’s really worth it.

Monday_155_019Oh and you can choose out of 300 irish whiskey’s.

Monday_155_021live music 😀 The bar was really crowded but and that’s exactly what made the great atmosphere.

Monday_155_038Grapefruit Martini


Monday_155_027The exit 😀


Monday_155_028Good Night Dublin <3

I hope you enjoyed the pictures 😀 Next post will be up on wednesday 🙂 xx – Lea