Monday 155 033

Trinity College Library

Hey my loves, how are you ? long time no blogging 🙂 The last couple of days were filled with so many to-do things that I barely had time for blogging. There are still a few pictures left from Dublin, which I wanted to share with you, so let’s start right away. On Mondaymorning we first had to do some school related things. We prepared the questions for the interview with the Dublin port and did some research about irish economy. In the afternoon we had a guided tour in the Trinity college. Later on we had the chance to visit the beautiful library and the book of kells in the museum. I was so excited about the library because it looked so amazing, so vintage and it’s just the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen. I’ve got a weakness for old antique leather bound books, and the library was stuffed with those. And did you know that a few scences from Harry Potter were taken here ?


The long Room


Beautiful details of the circular stairs


Monday_155_004A few keltic books were exhibited in the library.


Monday_155_008Harry Potter also got a few elements from Celtic and Norse mythology.

Monday_155_009The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has similarties to the myth of Theserus.

Monday_155_007So anitique and beautiful


Monday_155_010College Area

Monday_155_011Trinity Collge has got a great souvenir shop right underneath the library, where you can buy college hoodies or traditionnal classic sealing wax. 😀 I hope you enjoyed the pictures, next post will be up tomorrow 🙂  have a lovely sunday my loves xx – Lea