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5 Seconds of Summer Concert

Good Afternoon my loves  how are you doin ? I just came back from school and I think I’m going to take a powernap after finishing this blogpost 😉 We’re going to Ireland tomorrow with the whole class, and I’m so excited. We have to get up very early because our flight is in the morning. Well I still haven’t packed my suitcases yet…but I’m doing this after the nap 😀 Here are a few pictures from the 5sos concert in Zurich. It was such a great performance and my friend and I really enjoyed this evening. The first time I saw 5sos was druing the One Direction concert in Berne last year and I was so happy to see them perform again in Switzerland. I hope you enjoy the pictures my loves and have great weekend 😀 xoxo – Lea

5sos_146_0111.&2. Little Selfie 😀 3. We are so excited for the concert 🙂

5sos_146_001Let the show begin 😀

5sos_146_004My favourite performances were She looks so perfect, and Don’t stop 😀



5sos_146_010My all time favourite picture 😀