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Asian Food Faves

In letzter Zeit haben meine Mama, meine kleine Schwester und ich sehr oft indonesische Desserts zubereitet. Allgemein sind wir auch oft asiatisch essen gegangen und wenn meine indonesischen Tanten uns zum Essen einladen gibt es immer natürlich immer asiatisches Spezialitäten. Aus diesem Grund dachte ich meine jetzigen Asian Food Favorites könnte ein interessanter Blogpost für meine Leser sein, die nicht sehr vertraut sind mit indonesischem Essen. (direkter Link zum Indo Food Blogpost von 2014)

Lately, my mom, my little sister and I often prepared  Indonesian desserts. For this reason, I thought a brief introduction to the world of Indonesian Food/desserts could be an interesting blog post for my Readers who aren’t that familiar with indonesian Food. Hope you enjoy it xoxo

asianfoodfaves_93_007These are the main ingedients for Cendol. Cendol is made of Palm Sugar, Coconut Milk and the Jellynoodles are made from Rice flour (the green colour comes from the pandan leaf and the Food colouring.

asianfoodfaves_93_009The dough for the jellynoodles…made of Water, pandanleaf extract, and water.

asianfoodfaves_93_012Then you just make a Little Mise-en place. From left to right: Jackfruit, cooked coconut milk, jelly noodles, palmsugar boiled in water. For the jellynoodles: You just chop the dough finely over a sieve and let the little jellynoodles fall into ice cold water. They will run cold and be solid. Et voilà the jellynoodles are finished.

asianfoodfaves_93_011asianfoodfaves_93_013Then you just mix everything together in a bowl. Add as much palmsugar as you want to as a sweetener.

asianfoodfaves_93_014And if you mix it all together it’ll look like this. (direct linkt to the Cendol Recipe)

asianfoodfaves_93_015Enjoy <3 I just love this Dessert, it’s so simple and tastes awesome.

asianfoodfaves_93_016Asian Coconut-Soy-Cake, imported from France. You can buy it in any asian store.

asianfoodfaves_93_017Omg it’s soo good.

asianfoodfaves_93_019In my opinion this is the best Soy Milk ever. Available in any Asian Store.

asianfoodfaves_93_020This is a Special sort of mango, it’s a Little bit more expensive, and it only sold in a few specific stores. In my opinion it tastes sweeter than the common mango.asianfoodfaves_93_027

This is another Dessert called Es Campur. It’s a Dessert mix of Avocado, Coconut meat, evaporated milk, pink jelly Tapioka pearls, coconut water, ice cubes and Jackfruit. This here is the complete one with all the ingedients from the original recipe.

asianfoodfaves_93_023You can totally variate the recipe, for example here I didn’t add any Tapioka pearls but instead lots of Avocado.

asianfoodfaves_93_022Here I tried a Variation without any Avocado, but I prefer the original one with everything inside.

asianfoodfaves_93_006I am a Coconut water Lover, and this here Comes with Little grated coconut pieces which is soo awesome.


Stay hydrated with coconut Water.


Lunch Date at Tiffins Asian Kitchen Restaurant in Zurich. I love this Restaurant soo much. Adress:  Seefeldstrasse 61, 8008 Zürich

asianfoodfaves_93_003I always order the Chow Mien. Fried Egg noodles with vegetables and shrimps. And if you want it more indo style, just ask them to reduce the amount of lemonjuice. That’s what I always do.

asianfoodfaves_93_005Oh and the Papaya salad with shrimps tastes like heaven.

asianfoodfaves_93_002 Curry with Tofu.

asianfoodfaves_93_028A Little Snack while studying: Hello Panda Biscuits