Febuary 88 016

Thoughts and Inspirations

Concentrate on the big positive things in your life, not on the Little negative ones. Ask yourself if the Little things that bother you are really worth an Inch of Attention. Use all your energy to Focus on the good and bright side of life, and ignore the part that brings you down. And the same Thing with People. Try to accept their flaws and give more Attention to all the good things they’ve done for you. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but at least give it a try. And hopefully focusing on the good will become Habit.

A friend of mine had this Quote on her Profile: One day you’ll laugh at how much you let this matter” What an amazing Quote. Like sometimes I feel like we create the Problems ourselves because we take too many things serious and overthink every single mistake.  Although we actually have the choice to just accept, move on and not worry about it.

Sometimes there is this fear of failure, but if you don’t try you’ll never know if it could have worked out. And even if you fail, it’s okay at least you tried, and if you want to just try again. There is no reason to be ashamed of failure. At least you have something to tell your grandchildren later if you took risks and tried something exciting and new in your life. There might are People in this world who say you can’t do it, there’s too much competition or whatever, but that’s just a cheap excuse. If you really want something then fight for it. I strongly believe, when we really know what we want to achieve, nothing can stop us. So just Keep on having big dreams and work hard for them, but meanwhile don’t Forget to also enjoy this very Moment, and Keep your life in Balance.

Balance is the Key, in everything you do. I randomly found this Quote on Instagram, and this is like 100% my attitude. Finding a Balance between School, Me-Time (which contains for example reading or just Relaxing), Sports, Family time, Blogging, hanging out with friends is very important for me. In my Point of you’ll never miss anything if you have a balanced life.

And another Quote that really empowers me is Carpe Diem” Be productive and make this day Count.


febuary_88_018“Don’t worry, Be happy... and whatever it is, it will soon pass… ” I love this song and of course the lyrics are very inspiring.

Also I sometimes have to remember myself that, if it’s meant to be it will find it’s way, just don’t worry too much cuz in the end everything will fall into it’s proper place.

Not taking anything for granted, is the key to happiness.

febuary_88_017Life is beautiful, don’t waste it.

Be creative, grateful, adventurous, curious…

Relax and enjoy every single Moment.

This post is inspired by my Mom, my Friends, known quotes on tumblr and my own thoughts. I really hope that this post might have helped you Feeling more positive now. Let me know what your thoughts are about positive thinking and Co. Have a blessed  & energetic Day xoxo -Lea