Valentinesday 94 006

Febuary x Holidays

Just wanted to share a Little Photodiary from last Febuary… Hope you enjoy it xoxo

febuary_88_002Off to the Royal Affair Chorus-Concert at School

febuary_88_003It was so amazing 😀

febuary_88_004Little Selfie break with my Girl <3

febuary_88_005I collect every single letter/postcard or cute note 😀 I love to flip through the postcards and letters and everytime I read them, it just makes my day

febuary_88_006Awww this Quote was on a Birthdayletter I got years ago…

febuary_88_007<3 <3 <3

febuary_88_008Oh and I randomly found this Polaroid Picture from 2005 on a Diddl Anniversary-Party

febuary_88_009We went Bowling with our Class 😀 Bowling before the Holidays in febuary is like a Tradition for us.


febuary_88_011febuary_88_012febuary_88_013Aaww my Mom surprised us with some pastry 😀

febuary_88_014Omg this is one of my favourite Cereal Bars 😀


My beautiful Cousine Conny <3 We went to Germany to do some Shopping 😀 She is soo amazing and I love our neverending conversations.

febuary_88_019A Little Shoppingbreak in this cute Café… <3

febuary_88_022Little Shooping Haul 😀 I needed some new pens and stuff for School.

febuary_88_023Oh I love plain and simple Notebooks 😀 I’m that Kind of Person who has to write everything down on Paper, whether a Todolist or my ideas and inspirations.

febuary_88_024Plain White

febuary_88_025Some new Makeup stuff 😀

febuary_88_026I love this blush, it’s so natural and I love the consistence

febuary_88_027As you might know I have a weakness for sparklers and fireworks 😀 So I just had to buy These.

febuary_88_029Cheat after Cheat

febuary_88_030Oh and Conny made a Chai Latte Cheesecake which tasted beyond amazing <3

febuary_88_031On Tuesday my Family and I went to Stuttgart, Germany. It was such an amazing Day 😀 We visited the brandnew shoppingcenter Milaneo (photo above)febuary_88_032 Kentucky Fried Chicken for Lunch

febuary_88_037Got some Spring/Summer Inspriations in the stores

febuary_88_034Before we wenat home again, we had to stop by at Dunkin Donuts 😀

febuary_88_035Yummy Yummy

febuary_88_039Whoops :0 our Little Shopping Trip escalated a Littlefebuary_88_038Happy Girl <3

febuary_88_041Icecream Date with the Fam <3

febuary_88_043Some grocery Shopping <3

febuary_88_044This muesli is my new Addiction, I could eat it everyday

febuary_88_045Awww, Daddy surpised us on Sundaymorning with delicious Pancakes 😀

valentinesday_94_010Last but not least 😀 I got beautiful pink roses for Valentines day from my Bestie<3

valentinesday_94_008Lovely Weather 😀

valentinesday_94_015Live laugh Love