Lyon 66 52

Lyon, France Part 2

Lyon_66_019Good Morning – The View from our Hotel early in the Morning

Lyon_66_021Beautiful Sky

Lyon_66_020Looks like Cotton Candy

Lyon_66_018Brioche Chocolate Croissants for Breakfast

Lyon_66_017Yummmy I can’t decribe my love for French pastry 😛

Lyon_66_010Oh I love the Strawberry Yoghurt from la laitière by nestle, they come in this cute glass Cups and taste sooo good….It’s a must-buy for me during every visit in France 😀

Lyon_66_013Ready for the Day

Lyon_66_035Lyon_66_036Exploring the City


Unfortunately it was raining in the Afternoon, so we decided to visit the La Parte Dieu Shoppingcenter, as I wanted to do some Shopping anyway 😉 We had some lunch at the WOKO asian wok and grill. It was sooo good. So if you ever go to Lyon you should try the Pad Thai Chicken Noodles at the Woko asian wok and grill in the Shoppingmall. (photo below)

Lyon_66_014Pure Deliciousness

Lyon_66_042Beautiful View from the (Church)Basilika Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Basilika Notre-Dame de Fourvière is very pompous and it has so many golden Details
Lyon_66_046After we visited the Notre Dame du Fievre we drove home…back to switzerland

Lyon_66_049 I took These photos of the lake near Geneva, on our way home. Lyon_66_047