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Birthday Presents

I’m soo in love with my new rosé Gold watch. It fits perfectly. I wanted a watch like this for soo Long, and I finally got it for my Birthday 😀 #happiestgirl

bdaypresents_87_002Thank you Mum and Dad

bdaypresents_87_023Getting Flowers for Birthday is simply the best

A flower does not compete to the flower next to it, it just Blooms…. I love this quote

bdaypresents_87_010New combat Boots from my favourite shoe brand Steve Madden. Genuie Leather and beautiful Details.

bdaypresents_87_011You can variate how you want to wear the shoes, which is pretty awesome.


bdaypresents_87_016bdaypresents_87_013I love the contrast of the black leather and the colourful Details.

bdaypresents_87_008So in Love with my new Tops from Zara 😀 a perfect and supersoft Grey Basic and a fancy blouse with some adorable Details

bdaypresents_87_007You can never have enough Basics 😀

bdaypresents_87_009A supercosy Cardigan from Zara 😀

bdaypresents_87_022Little Overview

bdaypresents_87_020Got These cute PINK heartshaped marshmallows from my bestie 😀 she knows me so well 😀

bdaypresents_87_004And she made a beautiful Birthdaycard with our favourite photos 😀 This is one of the best things I got for my Birthday…. Handwritten letters are so special and they mean a lot to me.

bdaypresents_87_021My Lipstick Obsession is to be continued…

bdaypresents_87_003OMG and I got a Lana Del Rey CD with my favourite Songs like “Young and Beautiful” or ” Dark Paradise”  Lana is such an Inspiration 😉

bdaypresents_87_006Birthday Card <3 beautiful Quote

bdaypresents_87_025An eos Handcream *.* It smells soo yummy. Can’t wait to read this book ! 😀

bdaypresents_87_027yummy beverage and a…..bdaypresents_87_028….Cinema Voucher 😀 soo excited

bdaypresents_87_030OMG this navyblue longchamp purse is soo gorgeous 😀 It is soo useful for everydaylife just to Keep you small important things (that Girls Need) at one place like  lipbalm, handsanitizer, a Little brush….

bdaypresents_87_031bdaypresents_87_029My Friend knows that I love bright Lipstick colours 😀 I hardly ever wear Mascara, Foundation and Co. but I always love to apply lipstick ( or a tinted lipbalm for School ). It adds a Pop of colour and it instantly makes your look more fancy.

bdaypresents_87_026A Handcream from sweden, it smells soo good. And a Cinema Voucher, beverage and Popcorn included.

bdaypresents_87_37Oh and last but not least–> I got some supercute japanese Sweets and Stuff I love 😀

bdaypresents_87_036bdaypresents_87_032Aahh soo excited *.*

bdaypresents_87_033How cute are These Little Panda Strawberry Cookies ?

bdaypresents_87_034I guess this is somekind of a chewing gum…. with green apple flavour

bdaypresents_87_035My Favourite – Reese’s peanut butter Cups

bdaypresents_87_019Birthday Polaroid 😀 I’m so grateful for all These amazing presents from my Family and friends. I really appreciate it, and I don’t take any of These gifts for granted. Thank You so much my loves <3 <3 <3 But the most precious gift will always be health, the presence of my loved ones and happiness.