Birthdayparty 89 009

Sweet 17 Birthday Party

Last Saturday I had a Little Birthday Celebration with my best friends. It was such an amazing evening. We  had some Drinks, laughed a lot, took tons of photos and just had a great time. My lovely friend Bigna took most of the following Pictures. Thank you so much for documenting this evening, I love the photos. And of course thank you to my friends for coming and for the cute presents, you guys are simply awesome.

much love xoxo


birthdayparty_89_012The Classy Way: Spritzer

birthdayparty_89_0021. gsprützte wisse zum aastosse  2. best buddy’s  3. Cheers  4. With the Girls <3

birthdayparty_89_011Laughing about old Pictures

birthdayparty_89_0131.Mel my Sweetheart 2. My lovies

birthdayparty_89_008Favourite Picture

birthdayparty_89_009The Squad

birthdayparty_89_004Oh I love this Place

birthdayparty_89_003 Tipsy and Happy


So much Love

birthdayparty_89_0101. trying to light up the sparkler 😀  2. Discovered some flying latern’s in the sky

birthdayparty_89_006 Sparkle

birthdayparty_89_001One of the funniest and best buddy’s I know 😀

 Hope you enjoyed the Post, have nice Day xoxo