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Sunday Thoughts

 Stop thinking what others might think about you

A funny thing that I discussed a while ago with a friend of mine. Why do we often worry about what other’s think while everybody thinks the same. People think about themselves and how they present themselves and are insecure. They actaully don’t even give you that much attention so in conclusion they’re pretty selfish and don’t care. And even if they judge you in their minds, it has no impact on you. I mean what will they do ? It’s your right to be yourself and to express yourself as long it doesn’t hurt anybody. People who judge you shouldn’t matter, because they won’t be there for you if you need them and they don’t support you in being a better/happier person, so why give them any credit and attention. That’s only a waste of energy. Focus on the precious people in your life. True Friends and Family, people you feel comfortable with and people who uplift you. They’re the ones who matter.

 No matter what

Whatever comes in life, you feel much more confident if you say yourself no matter what comes I can handle it. Even if you don’t have a 100% power of every situation in your life, believe that you can handle it, and you’ll feel much better. That sounds easier than said but this thought personally really helps me, when I feel overwhelmed or nervous about something. It’s like saying yourself that everything’ll be fine in the end, so don’t worry about it.


 This post was  inspired by conversations with my friends and family and my own thoughts… I hope it may have inspired you a little, have an amazing day everyone.