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Indonesian Food

I can’t describe my love to indonesian Food…

indofood_41_001Rainbowcake from Bread Talk 😀

indofood_41_060Typical Indonesian Desserts

indofood_41_020Jajanan Pasar = Indonesian Sweets

indofood_41_021It’s very typical that they wrap Food in Banana-Leaves.

indofood_41_013I love Bapao so much 😀  It is a steamed bun with a yummy filling.

indofood_41_012This is one with a red bean filling.


The green one is with a mung bean filling.

indofood_41_005Fresh Coconut Water


Ketan Hitam: black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar. The pink part is called “Pacar” some jelly sweet Dessert that looks like Kaviar.

indofood_41_010Sweet Roll with grated coconut


Breakfast buffet at the Ambarrukmo Hotel

indofood_41_026 is like the Starbucks and Dunkin Donut of Asia and I love it.

indofood_41_003 Aww some Baby Donuts

indofood_41_030Fried Cookies

indofood_41_004Tehbotol is a very popular Softdrink. It is basically a Jasmine Tea with sugar 😀

indofood_41_033In my Hello bandung post I already told you guys that I adore this Fruit, so I couln’t resist to try the Durian Pancakes 😀

indofood_41_035Pancake Durian


indofood_41_062Es Campur- A Dessert mix of Avocado Coconut Jackfruit

indofood_41_063Cendol- made of Palm Sugar, Coconut Milk, Jellynoodles made from Rice flour (the green colour comes from the pandan leaf)

indofood_41_014Mangosteen- This is the sweetest fruit ever 😀


Nom Nom…. 🙂

indofood_41_046Surabi- Indonesian Style Pancake


Surabi is made in this Special Pans

indofood_41_052There are lots of different styles of Surabi -> here a green one

indofood_41_047Wedang Ronde – the Little balls are made of Rice flour with a peanut filling and the brown liquid is ginger 😀


Close Up of the Peanut Fillingindofood_41_018Bakpia- are small, round-shaped sweet rolls.  They are ususally filled with mung beans. It is a speciality of Yogyakarta.

indofood_41_017 Wingko Babat – Also a speciality of Yogyakarta ; it’s a pancake-like snack made of coconutmilk, flour, and grated coconut.

indofood_41_038Rujak- Indonesian Fruit-Vegetable salad with a spicy palm-sugar Sauce


AAAAHHH this is one of the best Dishes I ate during These 2 weeks ; on the left we have Tempe, in the middle Fried Noodles, on the right Rendang and some Fish

indofood_41_011Fried Rice and Noodles with Vegetables *-*

indofood_41_058Pempek – is a fishcake delicacy from Palembang. It is made of fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with yellow noodles and a dark, sweet and sour Sauce.


indofood_41_024Bubur- Rice Porrige

indofood_41_022indofood_41_023indofood_41_057In Indonesia “Sambal” (a chilli sauce) is a must. Here for example with the Omlett; You always Need ketchup and Sambal.

indofood_41_059indofood_41_064Last but not least: Indomie Goreng, I know These fried noodles aren’t healthy but I’m crazy about them, just tooo good…

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