Indofavourites 44 008


Today I share some of my Indo-favourites with you 😀

indofavourites_44_007How cute are These Little Biscuits ? 😀

indofavourites_44_009Okay not typical indonesian but everybody loves Peanutbutter Oreos  *-*

indofavourites_44_005This is my favourite Pocky 😀 It’s basically a coated Biscuit Stick 😀

indofavourites_44_006 Bolu Kukus is not like a normal Muffin. The consistence is Supersoft because it’s steamed and not baked in the Oven.

indofavourites_44_003Ultra Milk Rasa Stroberi is just the best.

indofavourites_44_010The Chocholate Milk is also pretty yummy 😀


Nutri sari – is orange Juice Powder

indofavourites_44_018I missed this Coconut Jam so much, I had to bring two glasses to Switzerland 😉


Nastar – tiny little Cookies with pineapple-jam filling

indofavourites_44_012Sunsilk Conditioner

indofavourites_44_014The best B.B Cream in the World

indofavourites_44_013I love the smell of asian Beauty Products. It’s more a powdery floral scent.

indofavourites_44_015They got the best Body Scrub on Earth *-*



Autan is a Lotion against mosqitos. I used 2 bottles of autan my own during our Trip because I was attacked by them all the time 😉