Bandung 46 017

Hello from Bandung

Am Mittwochabend sind wir endlich in Bandung angekommen. Ich habe die Stadt so unglaublich vermisst, dort fühl ich mich einfach zu Hause 😉 Wir haben insgesamt 1 Woche dort verbracht. Die Zeit ging leider viel zu schnell um… Aber wir hatten wirklich eine tolle Zeit dort; Wir haben das “Gedung Sate” besucht, sind in diversen Malls shoppen gegangen und haben sonstige Ausflüge gemacht. Hope you enjoy the photos xoxo

On Wednesday evening we finally arrived in Bandung. I missed it so much, it just feels like home there. We spent 1 week there. Time went by much too fast, but we really had a great time there; We visited the Gedung Sate“, went to various shopping malls and made some other trips.  Hope you enjoy the photos xoxo

Bandung_46_010Thursday: Strolling around the City

Bandung_46_022Helloo Bandung


Gedung Sate


White Pillars

Bandung_46_070Gedung Sate from the inside

Bandung_46_069View from the Top of the Building 😀


Beautiful Orchids



This is an “Ankot” one of the most used Public Transportations in Bandung.

Bandung_46_027A motorcycle is the fastest way to get through the City.



These Houses are built in dutch style, because Indonesia was a Colony of the Netherlands.

Bandung_46_042On friday we went to the Floating Market in Lembang. It was so cool; They sell their Food on Little Boats. That’s why it’s called Floating market 😀

Bandung_46_038How cute are These Little Boats ? *.*

Bandung_46_039They sell so many delicious Things there.

Bandung_46_040I decided to try These fried bananas, and they taste like heaven 😉

Bandung_46_041This is the Trademark of the Floating market.


And the Location is very unique.


We also got the Chance to sail in a Boat 😀 It was so much fun, and we were pretty exhausted after our Little tour around the lake.

Bandung_46_097Can you believe that, the boat was almost knocked over and I was so afraid that we were going to drown in the middle of the lake 😀 But fortunately everything went well.





Huge Tea Plantations we disovered during our Ride.


After our dangerous Boattour, we continued to the famous Ciater Spa Resort. You can take a bath in hot water that directly Comes from the Volcano next to the Resort.

Bandung_46_051The water is about 41 degrees hot.

Bandung_46_052After our bath we ate some delicious Durian 😀 I adore this this Fruit, even though actually it smells pretty bad….

Bandung_46_057On Saturday we did some Shopping at “Paris van Java” (PvJ)


My Cousine and I purchased some delicious Macarons at PVJ

Bandung_46_054The Rose and Vanilla Macarons are the best.

Bandung_46_056At the Jonas Photo Studio I randomly found a Picture of myself on a shelf. The photo is from a shooting I did over a year ago in Indonesia 😉

Bandung_46_055Hello  😀

Bandung_46_091Got These pink Sneakers at the PVJ 😀

Bandung_46_062Beautiful View from the Padma Hotel.


We rounded off this day in a Coffe called “Ngopi Doeloe” with a yummy Tofu Snack and some Tea 😀

Bandung_46_064Early Sundaymorning Walk 😀


In the evening we went to church with my beloved Family 😀


After Church we grabbed a Bubble Tea at “Chatime”


My personal favourite is the Matcha Milk wit red Beans 😀

Bandung_46_081On Monday I went to School and in the Evening we had some Dinner at the Burangrang. If you ever go to Bandung; this is the place with the most delicious Desserts ever.


San Francisco Martabak is sooo good *-*

Bandung_46_086It’s like a Pancake-Sandwich filled with Chocolate and Nuts.

Bandung_46_089On Tuesday I met my old freinds again at the Tran’s Studio Mall 😀

Bandung_46_087We watched the new Step Up movie and had some Dinner 😀

Bandung_46_088And we took tons of Polaroid Pictures 😀



Bandung_46_100My favourite Cocktails at the Papandayan Hotel 🙂

Bandung_46_003Highteatime with this pretty Rainbowcake 😀