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Yogyakarta ist einfach wunderschön. Es ist noch keine Grossmetropole wie Jakarta, sondern noch sehr traditionell. An vielen Orten fährt man noch mit “Becak” (weiter unten mehr dazu) oder man nimmt eine Kutsche, wenn man nur eine kurze Distanz zurücklegen möchte. Es gibt viele Mythen um den Vulkan Merapi und den Strand von Parangtritis mit seinem schwarzen Sand. Es gibt sogar ein bekanntes Lied das Yogyakarta heisst. Ihr gelangt dazu wenn ihr auf diesen Link klickt. Das Lied ist zwar schon ziemlich alt, aber ich finde es grossartig 😀

Yogyakarta is soo beautiful. It’s not a big metropolitan City like Jakarta, it’s still very traditional. In many places you still use the  becak” for a short distance There are many myths around the volcano Merapi and the beach of Parangtritis with its black sand. There is even a popular song called Yogyakarta”->  click on this link  The song is quite old, but in my opinion it’s still amazing 🙂


Malioboro, the most famous Street in Yogja.

jogja_42_001I fell in love with this cool hat, while we were Shopping some Souvenirs 😀


Cute bowls made of Coconut

jogja_42_002I just had to buy one. These unique cases are handmade of real magahoni Wood.

jogja_42_006Something very typical for Yogja-> “Lesehan” You sit on the floor to eat your meal.


Colourful Fruitmarket


Yogja is very famous for their creative Batik Art. Here we visited a Batikshop near the Kraton.


I bought one ” Merapi Volcano”  Batik but in a creamy colour.

jogja_42_019Streets in Yogja

jogja_42_018In Indonesia they sell lots of Food on the streets in this mobile Stores.

jogja_42_054 My Mom and Me having fun on our “Becak” Ride

jogja_42_020This is a traditional ” Becak” It is basically a Bike with a Seat ( for max. 2 persons) in the front.

jogja_42_021Here is one with an engine 😀 Very useful for older Drivers, because it is a quite exhausting Job.


Of course we had to visit the Kraton of Yogyakarta. It’s the Palace where the Sultan lives until today.

jogja_42_055Yeeah Buddy….my new friend in the Kraton Palace.


It is so beautiful, not so mawkish like in a Princessfairytale, but still very charming and precious.



By the way, I can’t remember why I was laughing there :’D


jogja_42_061The faithful servants of the Sultan.

jogja_42_029The huge inner Courtyard

jogja_42_031Golden Details.

jogja_42_034Parangtritis Beach- It’s not allowed to swim here because of the dangerous sea-flow. As you can see the sand is black.

jogja_42_035Quad riding on the Beach, what an amazing experience 😀


We stayed in the beautiful Ambarrukmo Hotel. The stuff was so friendly and we had a really good time there. Especially the Breakfast Buffet; it was so delicious 😀


indofood_41_025Breakfast Buffet

indofood_41_013Bapao 😀



too cute -> all the towels were folded like animals 😀

jogja_42_038The View from the Lounge

jogja_42_043After 3 beautiful days in Yogja we headed over to Bandung. We took the Train.



jogja_42_046It took us 7 hours from Yogja to Bandung, but it was a comfortable journey and we got to see the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia.