Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2016’

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Mallorca Diary

Hi my loves How y’all doin? I just came back from Mallorca, Spain, we had a farewelltrip with everyone who graduated. It was so much fun. We did exactly the things that were on my bucketlist 😀 From Jetskiing, to eating paella with seafood, relaxing at the beach, sippin’ smoothies, wearing light dresses, taking good pictures, eating my favourite frozen yogurt, biking …

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Life in Pictures

Recently I made Pancakes in indonesian style, the original pancake perfection is called “Martabak”, but I just made normal pancakes and made the filling like in the original version. So basically you just layer some crunchy peanutbutter with chocolate sprinkles and cover it all with condensed milk. I just love this combination, I recommend trying this variation the next time you make …

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Casual Boyfriend Shorts

Hi everyone <3 How you all doin’? I wanted to show you an outfit I wore recently. I’ve been looking for boyfriend jeans for like a year, they always look so laid-back and I just loved the outfitpictures of bloggers wearing them. The problem was that I never found a pair that fit me, they were either very unflattering or something else looked strange. …

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