Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2016’

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Food Inspiration

1. Salmon with Sushi Rice 2. selfmade healthy Pizza 3. Potato-Purée with veggies and redwine sauce 4. Meal Prep for the family – linguini pasta with broccoli fresh tomato sauce and shrimps <3 Fried Sushi – Sometimes I just fry the sushi for 1-3 minutes in a pan and then you’ll have warm sushi, and especially the fish tastes so much better …

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Favourite Quotes

Thoughts and quotes I really love at the moment which I got from Instagram and other social media: “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right” “Take a deep breath and let go, overthinking destroys your happiness”     “The less you care the less you’ll worry, and the happier you’ll …

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