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Firenze 195 038

Kisses from Firenze, Italy

Hi loves Here’s the first part of my Italy Photodiary. During autumnbreak we did a little Roadtrip in bella Italia. Our first stop was Firenze ­čśÇ I havent been to Italy for years and I was so excited that we finally went there again. After a 6 hour ride with the car we arrived in Firenze in the afternoon. The …

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Pumkinpie 193 016

Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Hi my loves <3 Last weekend I made a pumkin pie for the first time. I’ve never done a “sweet recipe”┬áwith pumpkins, because we usually cook pumpkin soups. For this pie I tried a recipe from Betty Bossi. It was really simple;┬ámake a short┬ápastry dough for the crust,┬ásteam the pumkin and make a purree out of it, let the pumpkin …

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Nov 194 003

Weekend in a nutshell

Hi loves ­čśÇ Last weekend was just on point.┬áThis weekend┬átwo of my best friends had their Birthdays and my Mom and my Sissy as well. So┬áthe weekend was filled with lots of cake, good food and celebrations ­čśÇ On fridayevening we went to Zurich to enjoy a Birthdaydinner with the girls-squad. On saturday I baked a pumpkin pie for my …

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Thoughts 190 019

Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy – author unknown Stop comparing yourself to others. I feel this is a quite tricky thing to do┬ábecause often there are these”goals” which are aknowledged by so many people and you feel a tiny bit pressured because you haven’t achieved┬áthem until now.┬áOr you compare yourself with other people, sometimes┬áit happens auomatically.┬áBut this is exactly …

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Sundaywalk 192 004

Fall Feelings

Hi my loves I hope you’re having a great time so far. I have to say that this year autumn has been so beautiful and sunny which lifted my mood all the time. The sunrays make the trees and leaves look beautifully golden. I was also excited for the foggy morings when you leave the house all snuggled up in …

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Fall 191 039

Zurich Film Festival and Sushi Date

Hello┬ámy loves, How are you ?┬áSo a few weeks ago my bestfriend and I attended the 11th Zurich Film Festival. It was such a cool event because Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz were on the Green Carpet that Day. Unfortunately we missed them, but at least we got to take a few pictures at the green carpet after their appearance. …

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Fall 191 001

Halloween and other Stories

Hi my loves Have you enjoyed your weekend so far? Last weekend I attended to a Halloween/Birthdayparty of two friends. It was so much fun and the best part was that almost every guest was dressed up in a costume. First I was so confused what to do, my first idea was to dress up as Audrey Hepburn, but in …

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