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Life’s a Beaut

Be grateful Sometimes I catch myself when I’m just complaining about really small things. If you think properly about it it’s a joke actually. Sometimes something small can bother us so much even though we actually have the choice to not let it affect us. Instead of only seeing the bad things, you should be grateful for all the good things. I …

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Guys 😀 How y’all doing ? The baking season has begun again, I mean is there something better than fresh cookies when it’s cold and rainy outside? This recipe was inspired by Tanya Burr’s famous cookies but i changed it a little bit. I think 100g sugar is enough because the oreos itself are already sweet. And the cookies …

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Plum-Flan à la Lea

Hey my loves 😀 So today I wanted  to show you a baking recipe. You know as it’s getting cold outside and I love to spend cozy evenings at home with a cup of tea and some fresh pie. I’m actually not a very huge fan of plums but in combination as a flan I just can’t get enough of …

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Pumpkin Paradise

Hi Guys 😀 I hope you’re all doing fine. Autumnbreak just begun and I’m so excited. I love the fall season when the leaves change the colours and it’s time to wear cozy cardigans and scarfs again. One thing I adore about autumn is the crisp air and of course the pumpkins. On saturday the sun was shining and my …

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