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Life in Pictures

HI Guys how are you doing ? Saturday was a pretty productive day. I went to the central library in Zurich to get some work done for my matriculiation project with my lovely cousine. We worked on our project all afternoon and as a reward we had some sushi for dinner. We bought fried (!) sushi rolls with salmon avocado and …

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Summerlovin’ A flower doesn’t compete to the flower next to it, it just blooms. – unknown author Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun, so all shadows will fall behind you. -unknown Every flower must grow through dirt – Laurie Jean Seanott The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it just blossoms and the bee comes. …

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On Friday I met my friends from Santa Maria again at which is like the Asian Dunkin Donut & Starbucks. It was just so much fun chilling with them at laughing and chatting while snacking some donuts. I think we all really enjoyed the evening and we took so many pictures (selfies) together, just like typical asians. 😀 They look …

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Hello Jakarta

Hello from Jakarta my Loves, I thought I’d share a few impressions from our first day here. I’m always feelin’ so happy when I’m back in Indonesia again, the people, the food, the weather everything feels so familiar, and I really missed it. So after our almost sleepless journe I slept almost 14 hours in a row, then did some excercise …

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Summer 162 030


I think there’s something magical during these golden hours, when the last sunrays enchant the whole landscape. As you might know I’m only a little bit obsessed with floral patterns on clothes and shoes. So I’m wearing a light top with Daisy’s and a floral white lace skirt. Oh and I’m so in love with the flowercrown. I think flowercrowns add such a …

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Summer 162 006

E t e r n a l S u m m e r

On Sundayafternoon my family and I had a lovely pedalo ride on the lake of Zurich. It was such a beautiful day and as we arrived at the middle of the lake we immediately jumped into the water. It was so refreshing and we just had a great time swimming. Something I was always really excited about was when a …

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Spring so far

Hi my loves, I hope you’re all doin good 😀 Oh finally weekend is here, I’m just so happy that this morning was really productive as I did lots of things for school and I managed to get myself to the gym quite early. Now I’m working on some blog related things and in the evening I’m heading to a birthdayparty of a friend. What …

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5 Seconds of Summer Concert

Good Afternoon my loves  how are you doin ? I just came back from school and I think I’m going to take a powernap after finishing this blogpost 😉 We’re going to Ireland tomorrow with the whole class, and I’m so excited. We have to get up very early because our flight is in the morning. Well I still haven’t packed my …

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Febuary 88 016

Thoughts and Inspirations

Concentrate on the big positive things in your life, not on the Little negative ones. Ask yourself if the Little things that bother you are really worth an Inch of Attention. Use all your energy to Focus on the good and bright side of life, and ignore the part that brings you down. And the same Thing with People. Try to accept their …

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Perfect Weekend x Katy Perry Concert

Some snaps of this wonderful Weekend. Catching Up with a good friend in Zurich during Lunch, later on we continued to indulge some Cupcakes and we had a really great time strolling around the City. My Plans for Sunday: Studying all Day, in the Evening Dinner with the Fam and the Highlight of the Week: Katy Perry Concert <3 Taking a pink Bubble …

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