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Best Friend Christmasmarkets are just the best – The one in Zurich is one of the prettiest I’ve ever been to Best Salmon ever at the christmasmarket 😀 Baking Squad 😀 Casual Tuesday Nights Happy Birthday Love <3 25th of December – beautiful afternoon walk in the swiss alps surrounded by ice 😀

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Summer Snaps

Graduation <3 Milkshakes City Strolls <3 Sunflowerfields White Summer Dresses are the best 😀 Best Froyo is still IllaoIllao When in Montreux… Lana Del Rey slayed, I just love that she’s so different. She spreads dreamy and vintage vibes and i love her Songs. “Ride” and “High by the beach” were the best Performances during this Show. Rosesgarden Konstanz, Germany …

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Life in Pictures

Recently I made Pancakes in indonesian style, the original pancake perfection is called “Martabak”, but I just made normal pancakes and made the filling like in the original version. So basically you just layer some crunchy peanutbutter with chocolate sprinkles and cover it all with condensed milk. I just love this combination, I recommend trying this variation the next time you make …

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Choose to shine

Hi my loves I hope you’re all doing well <3 I’m back from springbreak. Lisbon and Madrid were just too beautiful. I will definitely come back to these amazing cities someday. I’m currently working on the Lisbon blogposts, which I will publish next week 😀 and I hope that I can manage to edit the videos I did there from all the …

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Weekend Snaps

On a sunny day my friend Bigna and I decided to go to the Uetliberg Tower. The view over Zurich from there is magnificent. Cheers <3 weekend date with the family at the Waid Café in Zurich – the dessert was on point Zigerkrapfen with fruits and honey icecream Icecream with brownies and cream 😀 Starbucksdate in Zurich – Matcha Green Tea  …

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Favourite Quotes

Thoughts and quotes I really love at the moment which I got from Instagram and other social media: “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right” “Take a deep breath and let go, overthinking destroys your happiness”     “The less you care the less you’ll worry, and the happier you’ll …

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USA Shopping Haul

I randomly found these pictures I had taken after unpacking my suitcases. Please don’t judge me for buying all this food, I just couldn’t resist. 😀 But a lot was also given by my uncle, because he knew that my little sissy and I are obsessed with poptarts, reeses and all that other american snacks and sweets 😀 So he just …

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Random Snaps

Few snaps from the last couple days… Sunny Sunday in Zurich Célfie <3 Little Sissy – with matching sunnies A friend of my Mom is such an expert for indonesian cakes <3 and this Kue Lapis made by her  (steamed layered cake made of coconutmilk, sugar and flour) tasted beyond amazing. Little Shoppinghaul from Germany <3 Sweet cookiebags, Cranberry-Coconut-Crackers as a healthy …

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My 18th Birthday

Time flies – My 18th Birthday is already over and I still can’t believe it. But I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Although it was a normal day at school and work it was so much fun, just a day full of laughter and love. A huge thank you to my friends and family for this wonderful birthdayweekend and for the amazing surprises …

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Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

Merry Christmas my loves <3 I hope you enjoyed a wonderful evening with your loved ones 😀 I really feel blessed and thankful that I got to spend christmas with the ones I love most. Just having a lovely christmasdinner, watching christmasmovies, and listening to songs like last christmas, wonderful dreams and deck the halls – perfect! I just ate too many christmas …

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