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Jakarta Nights

The Cloud Rooftop Bar and Lounge was a real highlight. It’s located on the 49th floor at The Plaza. The view over the Citylights is simply magical. The music and the whole atmosphere was so chilly and the food/drinks were awesome. It’s recommended as one of the best rooftopbars in Jakarta. The Cloud Roofop Bar ist so ein schöner Ort um den …

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My favourite Indonesian Cakes (reciepes)

Vor einiger Zeit durfte ich mit einer Freundin meiner Mutter einige indonesische Kuchen backen. Tante Rita ist eine Expertin wenn es um indonesische Desserts geht, und ich habe mich total gefreut dass sie mir einige ihrer Lieblingsrezepte zeigte und ich diese nun auf dem Blog teilen darf. Für alle folgenden Rezepte braucht man einen Dampftopf oder einen Dampfbackofen, und für …

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Where to eat in Dublin

I think I’ve never eaten as much as I did during our stay, but I just coundn’t help myself, there were too many lovely restaurants and café’s around town. We “tested” so many different restaurants and we were never disappointed, the food was always  excellent. Even in the touristic temple bar district the prices were totally okay and the food …

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Favourite Smoothies

During summer I always need something refreshing when I get back from school in the afternoon. Something light and yummy, but it still has to be healthy. The perfect solution are smoothies. I love to try different combinations in a freestyle way, like I just mix together everything that seems to match 😀  So today I wanted to show you my favourite …

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Hey my loves Today I wanted to share a cake reciepe with you. It’s a supersoft poppyseedcake. I really love it because it’s not too sweet and in my opinion it also looks very cute with the tiny black seeds. I hope you enjoy the reciepe and let me know what you think about the cake if you try to bake it …

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Irish Shopping Haul

So today I wanted to show you a little shopping haul from the things I purchased in Ireland. Mostly souvenirs and ramdom cute things I found during our shopping sprees. One of the best things I bought were the shortbread cookies, they taste so amazing even though the ingedients are so simple 😀 How do you like shortbread cookies? Yep or Nep …

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Guiness Beer Brewery

On Sunday, hey that was exactly one week ago 😀 we had the chance to visit the guiness beer storehouse in Dublin. It’s been such a cool experience. It was an individual audio tour located on 7 floors. It was also very informative because you also get to know a lot of the history. The building itself is a very cool construction, …

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Best Macaron Sandwich

  Before we went to Los Angeles, I randomly found an instagram account called “DiscoverLA” and also sites like “DineLA”  They post pictures about what to do in LA and they just give tips and recommendations about restaurants, places to go and other things. I immediately noticed a picture of the macaron sandwiches from the Milk shop on their acc. …

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Als ich diese süssen Cupcakes zum ersten Mal sah, war es Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Zusammen, mithilfe von zwei Freundinnen, backten wir diese Cupcakes. Das Rezept ist von Food Chomp (direkter Link) und ich muss wirklich sagen: Es ist das BESTE Cupcake Rezept das ich bisher ausprobiert habe. Der Cupcake selber ist während dem backen so schön aufgegangen und …

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Baking Cupcakes

Hallo Ihr Lieben, Ich hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr geniesst das Frühlingswetter. Mein neuer Vorsatz für dieses Jahr war es ja, mehr in der Küche zu experimentieren. Ich wollte einfach mal neue Rezepte ausprobieren, um die neuen Kreationen und Erfahrungen mit euch teilen. Im Februar habe ich das erste Mal mit Rollfondant gearbeitet. Normalerweise dekoriere ich Cupcakes einfach …

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