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Mayasari – best pastries in Bandung

Today I wanted to show you my ultimate favourite pastries from Bandung, Indonesia. The bakery chain is called “Mayasari” and they have the best bolen in the world. For the classic bolen (traditional indoesian pastry) you wrap a banana slice in cake dough, put on some egg yolk and bake them until they are lightly brown, but nowadays there are lots of different variations, you can use …

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Cutest Cafes in Bandung #2

180 Cafe This cafe was so hyped on Instagram. The special thing about it is that you can actually bath your feet in the water while having lunch. It’s like a little pool with tables and chairs in it. The food (I had nasi goreng) was very good and the green forest Juice as well. So this Café is definitely …

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Cutest Cafes in Bandung #1

So this year I  wanted to check out all the new hyped Cafés in Bandung. I went to a bunch of Cafés with friends and family and in this blogpost I’m showing you my favourite ones 😀 I hope you enjoy it xoxo – Lea Please Please Please Cafe This Café has just the cutest entrance Setting. Lots of pink …

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Food places in Bandung

Bornga – Korean Restaurant I’ve never tried korean Food before, so I was pretty excited when we had dinner at the new Bornga Restaurant. I was amazed how tasty everything was. Literally there was nothing I did not like 😀 Especially the spicy salad was so good. The Valley – Restaurant The Valley Restaurant is located at Dago atas, and …

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Dark Chocolate Cookies & Peanutbutterdrops

A few weeks ago I made cookies for my best friends’s birthday celebration. She loves peanutbutter and Reese’s Peanutbuttercups so I decided to spice the normal “dark chocolate cookie” up with some peanutbutter drops and Reeses instead of only dark chocolate. The cookies turned out pretty good according to the guests at her party which I was so happy about. I only …

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Food Inspiration

1. Salmon with Sushi Rice 2. selfmade healthy Pizza 3. Potato-Purée with veggies and redwine sauce 4. Meal Prep for the family – linguini pasta with broccoli fresh tomato sauce and shrimps <3 Fried Sushi – Sometimes I just fry the sushi for 1-3 minutes in a pan and then you’ll have warm sushi, and especially the fish tastes so much better …

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Fancy Café & City Strolls in Firenze

  So we randomly found this gorgeous café just around the corner. My first impression was like: wow so fancy and almost a little bit too cutesy. Everything was themed in black and white, there were chandaliers and fashion tv playing.But I convinced my family to have some breakfast there 😀 The breakfast turned out to be soo yummy, the …

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Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Hi my loves <3 Last weekend I made a pumkin pie for the first time. I’ve never done a “sweet recipe” with pumpkins, because we usually cook pumpkin soups. For this pie I tried a recipe from Betty Bossi. It was really simple; make a short pastry dough for the crust, steam the pumkin and make a purree out of it, let the pumpkin …

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Guys 😀 How y’all doing ? The baking season has begun again, I mean is there something better than fresh cookies when it’s cold and rainy outside? This recipe was inspired by Tanya Burr’s famous cookies but i changed it a little bit. I think 100g sugar is enough because the oreos itself are already sweet. And the cookies …

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Plum-Flan à la Lea

Hey my loves 😀 So today I wanted  to show you a baking recipe. You know as it’s getting cold outside and I love to spend cozy evenings at home with a cup of tea and some fresh pie. I’m actually not a very huge fan of plums but in combination as a flan I just can’t get enough of …

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